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type 8 is "The Challenger." 8s seek self-reliance and want to express their strength and resilience to the world. less healthy 8s, however, so fear their own vulnerability that they "shut down" emotionally in an effort to avoid pain. their egos become inflated but increasingly fragile; their façade of confidence may also come off as prideful or domineering. 8s actualize by using their forceful personalities to support and inspire others, as well as accepting that they cannot always get their way. actualized 8s gain mercy when they realize that they, like all humans, must abandon their obsession with power and form earnest emotional connections with others in order to survive.

8 disintegrates to 5 and integrates to 2. 3, 7, and 8 try to get what they want by "moving against people" and demanding. 4, 6, and 8 express their unmet needs by becoming emotionally reactive.


so now it’s over
no need for closure
you couldn’t kill me if you tried,
so i made my escape

my corset tightened
a cast of diamond
i am the scaffold holding
up Las Vegas like a bank

oh are you frightened?
shall i enlighten?
hands up and pop the bottle
give me all your money, babe

(might let you have a taste)

you stand there useless
and call me ruthless,
but all i wanted was some

don’t even try it
i won’t deny it
i could have pulled the pin,
but honey that was up to me

and so i pulled it
down with my own ship
i stare my picture down
among a dozen mourners' wreaths

(have one on me)

you think i won’t break my toys?
just watch me now:

i've got this wild west town convinced,
all mourn my name and reminisce,
and yet the laws are not remiss,
cause on the books i don't exist,

<<tu veux savoir la vérité, Robert?
j’ai le fait.
je me suis faufilée dans le casino;
j’ai laissé tomber mon négligée ensanglanté dans l’aquarium;
j’ai fourré le requin plein d’appât;
et tu sais quoi?
je le ferais tout à nouveau —
juste pour vois ce regard pathétique sur ta gueule encore une fois.
c’est fini entre nous, Rob,

i'm fucking free!


from 123456789, released May 5, 2017
you want to know the truth, Robert?
i did it.
i snuck into the casino;
i dropped my bloody negligée into the aquarium;
i gorged the shark on chum;
and you know what?
i would do it all again –
just to see that pathetic look on your mug one more time.
it's over between us, Rob,

Deathless Gods with Human Bods does not endorse faking your own death as a realistic or healthy way of ending a relationship.




Deathless Gods with Human Bods Los Angeles, California

LA twins' tinyband seeking small gardens, weird samples, & avocados the size of your head

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