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type 4 is "The Individualist." 4s aim to create an identity for themselves and construct a beautiful life; they emphasize personal expression and enjoy the art of creating "moods" or feelings. less healthy 4s become so caught up in curating a stable identity out of their ever-changing emotional landscapes that they become deeply ashamed of themselves, dwell on past wounds, and yearn for some kind of escape or rescuer. 4s actualize by liberating themselves from the whims of their feelings. actualized 4s gain emotional balance when they cultivate self-discipline and realize that they can be creative without constructing their self-identity around suffering.

4 disintegrates to 2 and integrates to 1. 4, 5, and 9 try to get what they want by "moving away from people" and withdrawing. 4, 6, and 8 express their unmet needs by becoming emotionally reactive.


frothing spear pulled fresh from glass ocean
i'm born anew each time i'm awoken
milking sorrow for artistry, eight cups too drunk to leave
my spider's web has yet to be woven

but every night
i have the same dream
of a magician

nervous, she enters the ball wrapped in drums
sputtering at the frantic pace of her heart

thirteen masks pinned round her face and down her arms,
dancing like a fool, and laughing at her own art

she'll pull
spirits like fish
through cenotés
with a bare hand

she lives like no one has before
a swarm of ctenophores, coral giving birth

she lives like no one has before
a swarm of ctenophores, coral giving birth


from 123456789, released May 5, 2017




Deathless Gods with Human Bods Los Angeles, California

LA twins' tinyband seeking small gardens, weird samples, & avocados the size of your head

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