modern miracle

from by Deathless Gods with Human Bods

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on the Enneagram, type 1 is called "The Reformer." Enneagram type 1s value integrity, morality, consistency, and wisdom – being a "good person." less healthy 1s can be highly self-critical, judgmental, and reclusive; they often have trouble with perfectionism. they may feel a calling toward a higher purpose while secretly seeing themselves or the world as incurably corrupt. 1s actualize by learning to accept and even appreciate the chaos, contradictions, and imperfections in themselves and the world around them. actualized 1s gain serenity when they stop holding themselves to the impossible standard of perfection and perpetual rightness. instead, they embrace the process of growth, even when it is nonlinear, and open themselves to new points of view.

1 disintegrates to 4 and integrates to 7. 1, 2, and 6 try to get what they want by "moving toward people" and becoming compliant. 1, 3, and 5 compensate for unmet needs by developing competency.


ritual procession down toward 24th
moral needle quivering nearer to my north

pay my respects to the book of the dead
buy avocados the size of my head

pace the same stasis that i’ve paced before
pray to joan of arc and the dinosaurs

an ancient city like me’s no fun at parties
nobody cares that you lost the damn spelling bee!

coming forth by day
no love for LA

no sage for ages, no quail anywhere
i scrape the ground for what i know can’t grow there

when i find it lacking, i blame myself
i know it’s silly, but welcome to my hell

i know what i know
i can’t let go

i found a foreign land –
not ors but ampersands
not oars but just our hands
pushing the sea away

modern miracle


from 123456789, released May 5, 2017




Deathless Gods with Human Bods Los Angeles, California

LA twins' tinyband seeking small gardens, weird samples, & avocados the size of your head

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